Home & Contents

  • We can advise on a range of home and contents products so you can feel assured that you have the right insurance whatever your situation.

    We can arrange for an insured events policy that offers protection for fire, explosion, lightning or thunderbolt, theft from the home, fusion, impact, earthquake, escaping liquids or food spoilage of frozen or refrigerated food, new for old replacement of insured items.

    Alternatively we can provide a wider cover under an Accidental Damage policy. This gives you protection of all events as detailed above, including accidental loss or damage of the home and contents as well as enabling cover Australia wide for contents. There are also a variety of additional benefits depending on the policy chosen.

    We also offer policies for Landlords and Domestic Strata Titles.


    Have you thought about your current home insurance and what would happen if your home and contents were destroyed or damaged by fire, hailstorm or even a cyclone?
    You may think that you are covered but realise in the event of a claim that you do not have adequate insurance to replace your possessions.

    It’s easy to forget how quickly your house can increase in value or how your possessions can accumulate.

    When you take out your home insurance you need to make sure you first calculate the full replacement value of your house and its contents. Then choose the home and contents insurance that best suits your current insurance needs.

    The follwoing link may assist you to establish adequate sums insured

    Please click here for Building insurance calculator.

    Please click here for Content insurance calculator.